Attralux stick


If you require a basic energy-saving bulb in a compact design, this Economy light bulb is the best "value for money" choice. Lasting up to 6 years, this Attralux compact bulb will save up to 80% energy and money

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Product description Downloads Light output (lm) EAN
Economy Stick Att 8W WW E14 1PF/6 Datasheet (pdf) 460 lumen 8710619363664
Economy Stick Att 8W WW E27 1PF/6 Datasheet (pdf) 460 lumen 8710619363701
Economy Stick Att 11W WW E27 1PF/6 Datasheet (pdf) 660 lumen 8710619363688
Economy Stick Att 14W WW E27 1PF/6 Datasheet (pdf) 856 lumen 8710619363725
Economy Stick Att 18W WW E27 1PF/6 Datasheet (pdf) 1100 lumen 8710619361493