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    Bright ideas in supermarket lighting

    Ready for tomorrow’s store

    82% of millennials still prefer shopping in the physical store if the experience is fun, interactive and current. Even in this increasingly digital world, shoppers still want to see, touch and even smell products in the real world. The challenge for retailers is to give shoppers an experience that can’t be matched online. Your store’s appearance, including lighting, has a major impact on the way customers feel about your brand. Philips LED lighting keeps the aisles bright and food looking fresh, while controls and scheduling can help reduce energy costs and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, you can ensure your building is IoT-enabled by using our connected luminaires in combination with Interact Retail , allowing you to harness the power of smart technology.

    Enhance experience

    Make your store more attractive to improve customer and employee satisfaction


    Ensure a positive shopping experience with superior light quality and eye comfort


    Change the appearance of your store with our customizable luminaires

    Preserve fresh food

    Use fresh food LED recipes to preserve freshness and enhance presentation


    Extend shelf life and reduce food waste with fresh food LED light recipes


    Choose from our wide range of luminaires featuring these light recipes

    Improve sustainability

    Achieve 40% energy savings with LED and an additional 20% by adding controls


    Future-proof your lighting infastructure with our Circular Lighting ready portfolio


    Stay on trend while meeting sustainability goals with our 3D printed, customizable luminaires

    Explore the possibilities

    Reimagine retail with circular lighting

    Better presentation and less waste 

    The ultimate in retail flexibility and performance

    Unmatched flexibility and quality of light for tomorrow's store

    The slim and unobtrusive track lighting solution for more flexibility and sustainability in retail.

    Enhance customer experiences with a new concept in high-contrast aisle lighting

    Discover connected lighting

    Store lighting. It’s everywhere. What if it could support new operational efficiencies, enhance the in-store experience and generate data for in-depth retail analytics. Interact Retail, in combination with our connected lighting, lets you do all this and more. Create stunning and flexible retail spaces, trigger specific shopper behaviors through zoning and layers of light, deliver location-based offers to shoppers on their smart phone via your store app. Now that’s smart retail.
    Brightly lit retail façade

    Lighting Services

    Lighting services are managed by Signify. We take care of your lighting, so you can take care of your business. Find more information about these services on our company website.

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