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    Project solutions for specifiers

    When you need to design a project with no-compromise lighting solutions, you can count on the Philips lighting portfolio. With the widest range in LED luminaires and controls - we can satisfy every customer need. LED  technologies are rapidly changing, creating plenty of new opportunities. As a trusted name in lighting, we understand your lighting design challenges and can help you build your business. Herewith we provide you a one-stop-shop with information, innovation and inspiration what a lighting designer needs.

    Get inspired by the latest industry trends

    Solar Lighting

    Solar lighting: leading the way to sustainability


    In order to achieve the targets set out in the EU Green Deal, and to improve the lives of people across the globe, it’s so important that we embrace clean energy. The adoption of solar powered and solar hybrid streetlighting in our cities will help to reduce emissions and accelerate the scale of renewables.

    Human centric lighting

    Human centric lighting: health and wellbeing at work


    We have become the indoor generation. On average, we spend more than 90% of our time indoors, with 36% of that spent in the workplace. But the more time we spend indoors, the less we’re exposed to the beneficial effects of light. As a consequence, we don’t receive enough nutrition from natural daylight to helps us.

    Tailored luminaires for a circular economy

    Tailored luminaires for a circular economy


    Signify enables customers to custom-design or tailor their luminaires. We then 3D print and deliver a quality product, fast. Our service saves on time, energy, waste in manufacturing, packaging and transportation. 3D printing paves the way for more innovative designs with more complex shapes and colors.

    Tools for your lighting projects

    Lighting simulation software

    Lighting simulation software


    Visit the Philips Product Selector Online (PPS Online) for DIALux and Relux and make it much easier to find the right luminaire for your lighting project.

    Professional lighting catalog app

    Professional lighting catalog app


    Stay informed about all the latest LED innovations and new product developments as they happen. Packed with innovative, easy-to-use features, the app gives you instant access to the right product for every need all on your smartphone or tablet.

    Outdoor 3D configurator

    Outdoor Render tool


    This feature allows you to insert your luminaire assembly into an actual image/photo on site. Giving the designer even greater flexibility in showcasing our products into actual sites and applications.

    Light up your learning

    Light up your learning


    Advances in lighting happen fast. Stay right up to date with our exclusive online courses and webinars for specifiers. They’re a great way to discover valuable insights into the latest LED technology trends – and gain all the certifcations you need to excel in your field.

    Revit library

    Revit library


    At Philips we strive to support you in the best way possible. The Revit files we offer are developed with flexibility in mind. We have made our models scalable and added the necessary properties to adjust the model to your own needs.

    Maxos fusion calculator

    Maxos fusion configurator


    Meet Maxos fusion. Adaptable LED trunking system where quality, performance and flexibility meet.

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    Specifiers are invited to enjoy this visually-inspiring newsletter. Learn about fellow lighting designers, gain inspiration from notable lighting projects, check out the latest product and technology advancements, and stay up-to-date with important industry information.

    luminous magazine

    Specifier brands


    Philips is the leading brand in professional and consumer lighting and brought to market by Signify. Also discover the other world-class brands offered by Signify, each with its own focus and specialism.

    Color Kinetics logo
    Our brand in dynamic architectural lighting systems.
    Interact logo
    Our Internet of Things platform and connected lighting systems.
    Modular logo
    Our brand in assisting, stimulating and inspiring interior designers and architects.
    Signify logo
    Discover the global hub for specifiers on our Signify company website
    NatureConnect logo
    Built on proven Biophilic Design principles to reconnect us to the outside world.
    Signify Trulifi logo
    High-speed Internet through your lights with LiFi.

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